Join the IFSO Scheme

If you are a financial services provider and you want to join the IFSO Scheme, please register online or see the IFSO Scheme Brochure.

Our priority is to provide a cost-effective service, which offers support, guidance and business improvement opportunities.

Why join the IFSO Scheme?

1. Costs of complaints are competitive and certain
• Our first contact service, helping to resolve issues raised by your customers, is free of charge.
• First complaint is free each year
• Fixed complaint fee of $1,000 + GST irrespective of the time and complexity.
• Participants pay an annual fee based on the type of services provided and the size of the business.

2. Experience and expertise
• 20 years’ experience resolving financial services complaints
• Extensive industry and legal expertise
• Rigorous processes and systems
• Fair, reasonable and consistent results.

3. Professional development opportunities
• On-going CPD training with IFSO Webinars to help you improve your customer service and business practice
• Face to face training
• Complaints data is shared in online publications
• Template documents and resources are available for your complaints process
• We provide support and guidance to help you resolve complaints before we become formally involved, and before you incur any costs.