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Featuring IFSO Scheme complaints & lessons for consumers 

IFSO Scheme Annual Stats 2018: rise in complaints, lessons to learn

  • Be wary of door-to-door sales 

Stuff - Betty's outrageous vacuum deal 

Newshub - IFSO helps wipe the debt

Stuff - Pressure sales, just say no

  • If in doubt, disclose

NZ Herald - No cover for businessman's work injury  

Insurance Online - Non-disclosure review, long overdue

  • Avoid travel insurance traps

Newshub - tips for travellers

Stuff - understanding pre-existing conditions

Complaints contain lessons for consumers and for businesses

  • Tell the Truth! 

Tell the truth in insurance claims! Little lies have big consequences

  • Disclose! If in doubt, ask

Insurance & non-disclosure: small mistakes, big cost

  • Non-disclosure - time for a law change

Insurance & non-disclosure: reasonableness test needed

  • Excess. Why?

Why do insurance customers have to pay excess

  • Women in insurance

Karen Stevens, IFSO, Women in Insurance

  • Insurance Contracts Review 

Karen Stevens, Insurance Contracts Review

Insurance Contracts Review

New IFSO Scheme Chair, Sue Suckling 

Airbnb homeowners should think about insurance

Read the fine print in life insurance 

Travel tips - NZ Herald

Adviser complaints - IFSO Annual Report

Complaints hit 20 year high

Rise in complaints - IFSO Annual Report

Christchurch earthquake complaints - IFSO Annual Report

Insurance complaints continue to rise

Money week tips - Read, ask, disclose

Honesty, best policy

Karen Stevens profile

Trauma insurance

Insurance law review - what will it cover?

Insurance law review

Life insurance

Insurance and apartments

Car insurance pitfalls

How to avoid an expensive insurance accident

How your genes can affect insurance

Canterbury quake repairs

Car insurance

Fair Go - so you think you're insured

Vehicle insurance - issues to look out for

Canterbury earthquake repair issues increasing 

No insurance cover for "invited" guests 

Policy lapses cause heartache

Insurance excess still surprises consumers

Non-disclosure ruins lives

House insurance - do you have enough cover?

Insurance - read the fine print

Summer holidays - think before you go, common insurance traps

Earthquake: insurance

Earthquake: insurance

Earthquake: IFSO Scheme working remotely

Insurance - common exclusions

Credit card travel insurance - what to watch for

Meth contamination & property owners

Fair Go "Home Sweet Homeowner" featuring Karen Stevens, Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman

Pet damage - insurance claims

Insurance excesses

Jewellery insurance 'fishhooks'

IFSO Annual Report - Canterbury complaints

IFSO Annual Report - financial adviser complaints

IFSO Annual Report 2016

Car insurance

Gradual damage

Broker: training, professional development with IFSO Scheme

Make travel insurance a priority

Theft from cars an insurance wake up call

Life insurance and suicide

Spike in insurance complaints

Top reasons insurance claims are declined

Stay safe and insured over Easter

"Unusual" insurance claims

Financial Advisers can learn from the mistakes of others

Ensure you are insured during the festive season

Stay safe and insured during the holidays

Twelve tips on insurance policies at Christmas

Travel insurance tips

Five minutes with Karen Stevens: Insurance Business Online

Lock it or lose it - reasonable care 

Vehicle insurance - message for parents 

Funeral insurance 

ISO Scheme Annual Report - financial adviser complaints

ISO Scheme Annual Report - Interest magazine

Confess to insurers or distress later

LISTEN: Radio NZ Nine to Noon interview on non-disclosure April 30 2015

Law change required for non-disclosure

ISO supports non-disclosure law change

Vehicle insurance

ISO on jewellery insurance

ISO resolving more complaints since 1998

Insurance & Savings complaints rise

Financial adviser complaints can be avoided, says Insurance & Savings Ombudsman

Balance is key for Insurance & Savings Ombudsman, Karen Stevens

Insurers brace for floods

WATCH: Insurance & Savings Ombudsman Karen Stevens on Fair Go 

Response team deals with 1300 post-quake claims

Keeping Premiums on the Level

Turning Complainants into customers

Ombudsman's team just for Christchurch

Ombudsman steps up involvement as queries surge

Insurance Disputes - Where do you turn?