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The IFSO Scheme is here to help with unresolved problems between you and your:

  • insurer
  • credit provider
  • finance company
  • financial adviser
  • KiwiSaver provider

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“I was stunned when I heard from the IFSO Scheme so quickly after making my complaint and was ultimately incredibly impressed with the advice provided.”
“The person I spoke to was very friendly and helpful in what to do about the issue I had.”
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Translations and accessibility

The IFSO Scheme uses the New Zealand Relay Service, which is a telecommunications service for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind or speech-impaired. All NZ Relay calls are strictly private, so information is safe and secure.

We can also arrange an interpreter by telephone and have information available about the IFSO Scheme on our website in 7 languages below.


The pitfalls of travel insurance if you want to ride a scooter overseas

Most people are unaware that motorcycle cover in their travel insurance policies almost always has exclusions that render the cover worthless for a great deal of travellers.

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Government announces changes to lending and financial dispute resolution services

The government has announced it will reform financial services and strengthen customer protections.

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Insurance fraud could cost man his house

A man who made a fraudulent insurance claim for his car after the Auckland floods is now uninsured and could lose his house.

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Here are six common insurance fishhooks still catching people out

New Zealanders still get caught out by a number of things in their insurance policies that can mean they are not covered – or not for as much as they expected.

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Featured Case Studies

No evidence of car service; claim declined image
Ani's insurance claim was declined because she had breached the service requirement condition in her policy.
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Insurer declines burglary claim because of open window image
Mr and Mrs Singh's claim was declined because they'd left a window open on a security stay during their holiday.
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Husband makes claim for obstetrics care for his wife’s pregnancy image
The man said that it was “archaic” to view obstetrics care as limited to the person actually having the baby.
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Business or displeasure? image
Graham’s insurance claim was declined because he had not told his insurer he was using his vehicle for business purposes.
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Flood damaged car not fully covered image
In this case, the insurer should have clearly notified its customer of the unusual reduction in the agreed value of his car.
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Lending based on uncertain overtime and incorrect expenses image
A financial mentor was able to help Jake get all the interest and fees on his loan refunded.
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Defective earthquake repairs cause ongoing issues image
Faulty repairs after the Christchurch earthquakes saw Amy make two complaints to the IFSO Scheme.
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Financial mentor helps couple through unaffordable loan image
Mr and Mrs J had English as a second language, it was unclear if the refinancing and additional loan...
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Grieving son duped on Trade Me image
Mr P listed a motorhome on Trade Me, and it was purchased for $35,000 using the “Buy now” function. ...
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“So, no” response leads to complaint image
When, because of travel restrictions, a woman asked her insurer if she was covered for the cost of h...
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Health pack for depression not reasonable image
Ms B had health insurance while she was studying in New Zealand. She was diagnosed with a significan...
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No tick, no payment image
Ms B was surprised when, after refinancing a loan, her adviser sent her an invoice for a “cancellati...
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Pre-existing damage? image
Mr S made a claim for water damage to his house, which occurred when his washing machine overflowed ...
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Stolen goods lead to more losses image
A company discovered an employee had stolen company property, including property owned by their clie...
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Payout brings more pain image
Cover confusion causes more pain for severely injured man
In a recent complaint to the IFSO Scheme, Sai* was seriously injured in a car accident, and suffered...
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Responsible lending disputed image
Beneficiary caring for three grandchildren given loan she couldn't repay
Mrs Clayton* was given a loan despite having three bank balances of $0 and making regular payments t...
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Steak cooked in a toaster sparks disaster image
The unusual preparation of a meal caused a catastrophe in which a couple lost their home.
Mr H* had a craving for steak and chips. For reasons unknown, he decided to cook his steak in a toaster.
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Increasing premiums image
Lucy and Michael* said they were misled when their life insurance premiums increased nearly three-fold.
The couple complained to the IFSO Scheme that "rate for age" was never explained and they were told ...
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