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$43K ute repossessed

The CCCFA sets out lender responsibilities for consumer protection. When Charlie, who was terminally ill, couldn't repay a $43,000 loan, his ute was repossessed. The lender made mistakes, which displayed unfortunate conduct, particularly given Charlie’s vulnerabilities.

Story from Stuff: 10 October, 2020

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Covid & business interruption

In most cases, the Business Interruption cover would not respond, because there was no material damage. Standard business interruption exclusions for infectious diseases were triggered when COVID-19 became publicly notifiable.

Story from 5 October, 2020

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Covid & travel insurance

The idea of purchasing travel coverage for a reasonable price in future may be at risk, given the enormous pressure on the travel insurance industry. Does insurance need a new paradigm for known risk?

Story from 28 September, 2020

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Financial Adviser complaints

Complaints about financial advisers can include service issues. In this example, an adviser reduced his client's life insurance cover as requested. After the client died, his family said the adviser had breached his duty of care.

Story from Good Returns: 15 September, 2020

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Featured Case Studies

Excess dog damage image
An excess is paid when claims are accepted. If there is more than one event, more than one excess can be applied.
Viv’s claim, for carpet damaged by dog vomit and diarrhoea, was accepted. But three policy excesses were applied.
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Covid-19: cancelled travel image
Check your exclusions. Most travel policies exclude global pandemics.
Barry cancelled his Bali trip due to Covid-19. His insurance claim was declined due to the pandemic exclusion.
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Swiss watch swiped: Spain image
Check for exclusions and limitations. Travel exceeded 90-day limit on credit card
The credit card travel insurance policy had a 90-day limit. The watch was stolen on day 57 of the 100-day trip.
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Cancer, non-disclosure image
Your full medical history must be disclosed when you apply for insurance.
Jin had life and trauma insurance. After his stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis at age 31, he made a claim.
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