Case Studies

The following case summaries highlight common issues and consumer tips. Cases can be filtered by subject below and names have been changed to protect confidentiality. Access to the full case study database is available for IFSO Scheme Participants in the Participant Area.

Flood damaged car not fully covered image
In this case, the insurer should have clearly notified its customer of the unusual reduction in the agreed value of his car.
Vehicle Insurance Agreed Value
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Lending based on uncertain overtime and incorrect expenses image
A financial mentor was able to help Jake* get all the interest and fees on his loan refunded.
unaffordable Lending financial mentor
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Defective earthquake repairs cause ongoing issues image
Faulty repairs after the Christchurch earthquakes saw Amy make two complaints to the IFSO Scheme.
temporary accommodation House and Contents Insurance Natural Disasters
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Stolen goods lead to more losses image
A company discovered an employee had stolen company property, including property owned by their clie...
theft consequential loss
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Pre-existing damage? image
Mr S made a claim for water damage to his house, which occurred when his washing machine overflowed ...
flood washing machine gradual damage sudden damage
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No tick, no payment image
Ms B was surprised when, after refinancing a loan, her adviser sent her an invoice for a “cancellati...
clawback fee service fee home loan Financial Advisers financial adviser cancellation
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“So, no” response leads to complaint image
When, because of travel restrictions, a woman asked her insurer if she was covered for the cost of h...
Travel Insurance Covid fire and general
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Financial mentor helps couple through unaffordable loan image
Mr and Mrs J had English as a second language, it was unclear if the refinancing and additional loan...
affordability credit contract credit unaffordable financial mentor
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Grieving son duped on Trade Me image
Mr P listed a motorhome on Trade Me, and it was purchased for $35,000 using the “Buy now” function. ...
Scam Trade me Motor vehicle fraud
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Health pack for depression not reasonable image
Ms B had health insurance while she was studying in New Zealand. She was diagnosed with a significan...
Health Insurance mental health
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Ombudsman finds that claim statement "was not complete and correct" image
Ombudsman finds that claim statement was not “complete and correct”
Consumers must always tell the truth. If they don’t, they might find that they are not covered when ...
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Loss of rental during lockdown image
COVID lockdown loss
A landlord complained that the Covid-19 lockdown caused a loss of rental.
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