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The following case summaries highlight common issues and consumer tips. Cases can be filtered by subject below and names have been changed to protect confidentiality. Access to the full case study database is available for IFSO Scheme Participants in the Participant Area.

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Insurer declines burglary claim because of open window image
Mr and Mrs Singh's claim was declined because they'd left a window open on a security stay during their holiday.
House and Contents Insurance
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Defective earthquake repairs cause ongoing issues image
Faulty repairs after the Christchurch earthquakes saw Amy make two complaints to the IFSO Scheme.
temporary accommodation House and Contents Insurance Natural Disasters
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Steak cooked in a toaster sparks disaster image
The unusual preparation of a meal caused a catastrophe in which a couple lost their home.
Mr H* had a craving for steak and chips. For reasons unknown, he decided to cook his steak in a toaster.
House and Contents Insurance House Fire Sum Insured
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Gradual damage? image
A couple were dismayed when their insurer declined their claim on the basis that the damage was gradual and not covered by the policy’s gradual damage extension.
Mr and Mrs Forest* discovered their dryer had been leaking, causing damage to the surrounding walls ...
gradual damage gradual damage extension House and Contents Insurance
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Methamphetamine contamination confusion image
Confusion over methamphetamine contamination standards can have severe consequences for some landlords.
Through a financial adviser, Mr and Mrs Singh* held insurance on a rental property. In June 2020, Mr...
contamination House and Contents Insurance House landlord methamphetamine
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Tenant turns house into animal refuge image
Regular property inspections can reveal issues before they turn into big problems.
The IFSO, Karen Stevens, warns landlords to ensure tenants abide by the conditions of the rental. In...
landlord tenant pets House and Contents Insurance houseandcontents
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Stress after the storm image
Independent evidence can help to progress insurance claims.
After a claim for flooding and storm damage was accepted, issues and delays continued for a stressful year.
House and Contents Insurance temporary accommodation flood
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Excess dog damage image
An excess is paid when claims are accepted. If there is more than one event, more than one excess can be applied.
Viv’s claim, for carpet damaged by dog vomit and diarrhoea, was accepted. But three policy excesses were applied.
House and Contents Insurance pets
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Fair Insurance Code Breach image
Insurers bound by the Fair Insurance Code must provide agreed minimum standards of service to customers.
After Kim's claim, for cracking walls, was initially accepted, it was later declined.
House and Contents Insurance
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Coffee-stained carpet, dining room only image
Check your policy limitations and exclusions.
After Viv's Nespresso coffee stained a patch of dining-room carpet, she wanted most of the carpet in the house replaced.
House and Contents Insurance
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18 criminal convictions, no clean slate image
Complete insurance applications accurately. Include any criminal convictions.
David’s burglary claim wasn’t even considered after his 18 criminal convictions were revealed – he'd said he had none.
House and Contents Insurance False Statements
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Lost and found glasses and the ICR image
‘Little lies’ have big consequences. Tell the truth. False statements can't be retracted.
Helen made a claim for lost glasses, and later admitted they were just scratched and worn.
House and Contents Insurance False Statements
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