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Please fill in this form to make an enquiry or complaint about your insurer or financial service provider. After you submit your enquiry or complaint, we'll email you a copy of the information you provide so you have a record, and we'll also keep a record of it.

For help completing this form, please call us on 0800 888 202 or watch our 3-minute video on how to fill out the online complaint form.

For more information about making an enquiry or complaint, read this webpage, or watch our video on how to make a complaint.

Make an Enquiry or Complaint

Please send any additional supporting documents to the IFSO Scheme at:

Help filling out the Online Enquiry/Complaints Form

If you would like assistance or are unsure how to fill in this online form, just call us on 0800 888 202

Watch our 3-minute video IFSO Scheme Online Enquiry/Complaint Form.