Enquiries and Complaints

We can help by answering your questions, following up with your enquiry, investigating your complaint, or guiding you in the right direction.

Make an Enquiry or Complaint

We all know things can and do go wrong. The IFSO Scheme is a disputes resolution service, here to help with unresolved problems between you and your financial service provider (a financial service provider is an insurer, credit provider, finance company, financial adviser or KiwiSaver).

If we accept a complaint, we investigate it carefully, and, if we can, put things right for you.

We can arrange an interpreter by telephone, we use the NZ Relay Service. We have information available about the IFSO Scheme on our website in 7 languages.

Make an enquiry or complaint

Use our enquiry/complaint form or freephone us on 0800 888 202 or email us at info@ifso.nz

Our office hours are 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday - and our office phone number is 04 499 7612

We have Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our dispute resolution service. If your question is not answered in this section, or if you are unsure about anything just call us on 0800 888 202 or email us info@ifso.nz

For frequently asked questions for specific areas in financial services go to our tips and cases section or click on these links and scroll down to the FAQ section: vehicle insurance, home and contents insurance, health insurance, life insurance, Financial Advice Providers and financial advisers, loans and credit, superannuation including KiwiSaver and investments.

The IFSO Scheme can only consider complaints about Participants of the IFSO Scheme. Check if your insurer or financial service provider is a Participant by searching here.

Watch our 3-minute video on how to fill out the online complaint form below. If you would like assistance or have any questions, just call us on 0800 888 202.

Read the steps involved in making a complaint below, or watch our video here.

  1. Make a complaint to your provider
    • First, it’s important to make sure your provider knows that you have a complaint. We’re happy to help with this. Fill out our online complaint form and tick the box asking us to send it to your provider.
    • If you need any help, such as an interpreter or help with the form, get in touch on 0800 888 202 or info@ifso.nz
  2. Your provider has to try to resolve the problem first
    • Your provider has to be given a chance to resolve the complaint first, before it comes to us. They have up to two months to do this. In our experience, about 90% of cases get resolved within this timeframe, meaning you might not need to use our service at all.
    • If you’ve already made a complaint but had no response from your provider, or the response is unhelpful, get in touch with us at any time. We can check with them on your behalf.
    • Your provider will let you know when they have finished reviewing your complaint. It is called “deadlock” when they can’t resolve it.
    • We’ll also contact you at the end of two months to check whether your complaint is resolved.
  3. Let us know if your provider hasn’t fixed the problem
    • If your problem hasn’t been sorted, contact us, or fill out our online complaint form if you haven’t already. We’ll tell you what the next steps are.
  4. We’ll investigate your complaint, for free
    • If your complaint is something we can consider, we’ll investigate all the facts to understand what happened and what went wrong.
    • We are neutral, we do not take sides. If possible, we will help you and your provider reach agreement. If that isn’t possible, we will make a decision taking into account what is fair and reasonable including the contract or policy, and the law.

    Make an enquiry or complaint

The IFSO Scheme's Privacy Policy ensures all personal information is managed in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020.

If you have made a complaint to the IFSO Scheme we will collect personal information from you to assist the full and fair investigation of complaints. We can also collect information from your insurer, financial service provider or a third party if you authorise us to do so.

Download our privacy policy

The IFSO Scheme’s Service Charter sets out what you can expect of our free service as a customer of an IFSO Scheme financial service provider, and our expectations about how you will engage with us during our complaint resolution process.

Download our Service Charter

Participants of the IFSO Scheme have obligations to their clients and customers.

If you are not satisfied with an aspect of our service or our process, you are able to make a service complaint about the IFSO Scheme by emailing info@ifso.nz. Just tell us what the issue is and what you want to happen. If you need any help, please call us on 0800 888 202.

Service complaints are about the service we provided. They are not a review of a complaint decision or outcome.

We will respond to your service complaint as quickly as possible. if we need to get specialist advice or make further enquiries, it may take more time. We will let you know the timeframe to expect.

Links to other organisations that may be able to help you including; consumer help and community organisations, government agencies, financial sector Codes of Conduct, other dispute resolution schemes and, industry and professional bodies.

Complaints contain valuable information about when and how things go wrong. By sharing tips & cases about common issues, we aim to help more things go right.