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The following case summaries highlight common issues and consumer tips. Cases can be filtered by subject below and names have been changed to protect confidentiality. Access to the full case study database is available for IFSO Scheme Participants in the Participant Area.

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Payout brings more pain image
Cover confusion causes more pain for severely injured man
In a recent complaint to the IFSO Scheme, Sai* was seriously injured in a car accident, and suffered...
Vehicle Insurance Agreed Value Sum Insured
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Steak cooked in a toaster sparks disaster image
The unusual preparation of a meal caused a catastrophe in which a couple lost their home.
Mr H* had a craving for steak and chips. For reasons unknown, he decided to cook his steak in a toaster.
House and Contents Insurance House Fire Sum Insured
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Car written-off, pay out less than expected image
Check your policy for how much you will be paid out if your car is a write-off. It may be less than you expect.
Katie thought she would get $10,500 for her written-off car, but the insurer offered the market value of $7,500.
Vehicle Insurance Sum Insured
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Pay out for stolen ring disappointing image
Specify items of value on your policy. Check the sum insured.
Wiremu was disappointed to be receive an insurance payout that was less than it cost to replace his stolen ring.
House and Contents Insurance Sum Insured
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