About Us

Since 1995, the IFSO Scheme has provided an independent and free service for thousands of customers of financial service providers. Each year the IFSO Scheme responds to over 3,000 complaint enquiries and resolves about 300 formal complaints.

The IFSO Scheme has been approved by the Minister of Consumer Affairs to provide an external disputes resolution service for consumers with complaints about their financial services providers. It offers a free and independent complaints service to customers of its Participants. 

Complaints brought to the IFSO Scheme are about:

  • Insurance (including house, vehicle, contents, health, life and travel insurance)
  • Superannuation, investments and securities
  • Loans and credit
  • Financial advice and broking services
  • Foreign exchange and money transfer services

Financial service providers are required to belong to a dispute resolution scheme. The IFSO Scheme has over 4000 Participants. We can only formally investigate a complaint if it involves a Participant of our Scheme.

The IFSO Scheme is funded through Participant fees and levies.