A car bumped into me, no it didn’t

False statements can’t be retracted, and all policy holders are implicated.

A car bumped into me - no it didn’t

Mr and Mrs Green* held third party insurance and Mr Green made a claim after his car was damaged, as he said another car hit him from behind. His insurer told Mr Green that, as he only held third party insurance cover, any repairs would have to be paid by the other driver Roger’s* insurer. Roger*, the other driver, told his insurer he was involved in the accident, but he didn’t hit Mr Green from behind, rather Mr Green came to an abrupt halt at an orange light causing Roger to drive into the rear of the car. A claim was lodged with Roger’s insurer for liability only. When Roger’s insurer appointed an investigator to make enquiries, Mr Green requested the claim be withdrawn. But it wasn’t his claim to withdraw. Mr Green contacted the insurer and admitted to telling a “bit of a lie” in the original claim. But it was too late. Mr and Mrs Green’s insurer cancelled their policy and a red alert was placed on the Insurance Claims Register (ICR) against both the husband and wife, as they were joint policyholders.

Complaint not upheld.

*Names have been changed

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