D.I.Y receipts

If you provide false information, insurers can decline all aspects of a claim.

D.I.Y receipts

Xavier*, from Christchurch, produced 5 fake invoices (totalling $91,500) for D.I.Y repairs on his earthquake-damaged home. Later, when questioned, he admitted the invoices were falsified. His claim was declined, no further payments were made under his ongoing claim for earthquake damage, and his policy was cancelled. Xavier denied it was fraud. Fraud is a serious allegation and equally strong evidence is required. Xavier said he’d done the work with his own time and money, and, having no receipts, the invoices were the only way he could be reimbursed, to which he was entitled. However, the IFSO Scheme said Xavier would only have been entitled to be paid by his insurer if they had an agreement to that effect.

Complaint not upheld.

*Names have been changed.

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