Earthquake damage, defective repairs

If you are not happy with house repair work, talk to your insurer about what can be done.

Earthquake damage, defective repairs

Kevin and Kath signed a building contract with the insurer and a building contractor, to repair the earthquake damage to their home.

After the repairs were completed, Kevin and Kath emailed the insurer with a list of defects. Meetings were held, actions to repair the defects were agreed to, and remedial work undertaken.

But Kevin and Kath were not happy with some of the remedial work. They complained.

The IFSO Scheme case manager discussed the position with Kevin, Kath and the insurer. They agreed that an independent loss adjuster (at the insurer’s cost) would inspect the defects, estimate the cost for remedying the damage caused (on the balance of probabilities) by earthquake and/or contractor negligence, and report on the cost of remediation.

Kevin, Kath and the insurer agreed they would comply with the loss adjuster’s estimate for the remedial work. The loss adjuster completed the loss adjustment and provided an estimate of $21,997.60 plus GST for the remediation of the defects. The insurer settled the claim and paid this amount.

Complaint settled.

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