Adviser completes insurance application

When applying for insurance, make sure the insurer has all the information. Fill in the application form yourself

Adviser completes insurance application

Mr and Mrs Brown met with the adviser and agreed to change their life and trauma insurance, because they were concerned but the yearly premium increases. The adviser met with Mr and Mrs Brown and helped them to complete the application for a new insurance policy. Less than a month later, Mr Brown was admitted to hospital with renal failure. Mr and Mrs Brown made a claim under their trauma insurance policy.

The insurer declined the claim and said the policy was not valid. The insurer said they had not told it about all details of Mr Brown’s medical history. Mr and Mrs Brown said the adviser knew about some of the important details of Mr Brown’s medical history, but the adviser did not include this on the application. The adviser said if they had told him about the history, he would have included it on the application.

The application Mr and Mrs Brown signed said all the information was correct, and showed Mr Brown had answered “No” to a question asking about renal problems.

Complaint not upheld

*Names have been changed

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