Flood damage, no proof of loss

After a flood, document the damage. Take photos or videos for evidence of the claim.

Flood damage, no proof of loss

Clare* made a claim after her house was flooded for the replacement of her carpet and her computer. She also claimed for a computer fault after the flood, which she said was related to water damage. Her claim was declined, and her insurer offered to provide a warranty for 12 months on the items to cover problems that might arise from contact with floodwater. Clare complained.

Clare couldn’t provide evidence that the carpet had suffered irreparable damage, or that the computer had any contact with floodwater, or that the computer fault was in any way connected with the flood. Clare provided a report from the computer repairer, who did acknowledge when questioned, that it was difficult to speculate on the cause of the fault.

Clare said she had lost the warranties for the damaged items. Although this was a tangible loss, it wasn’t covered by the policy. Such losses amount to consequential losses and are not covered unless specifically included in the policy terms.

Complaint not upheld.

*Names have been changed.

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