Skin surgery benefit changed

Check whether your insurer can change the policy cover.

Skin surgery benefit changed

Kaia’s* insurer wrote to inform her it was making changes to her health insurance policy. The changes included new conditions and limits for a skin surgery benefit. Kaia made a complaint about the change in the policy, because the new limit would mean Kaia wouldn’t be able to obtain skin surgery with her regular doctor. Kaia said the insurer should not be allowed to reduce her policy benefits and noted she was not able to obtain insurance elsewhere, due to pre-existing conditions.

The ability to make changes to a policy is a common term in health insurance policies. The insurer had correctly notified Kaia of the changes 30 days before the changes came into force as it was required to do under the policy. Kaia was still able to obtain the skin surgery she required under the policy, albeit with a different specialist.

Complaint not upheld.

*Names have been changed.

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