Lost and found: the missing glasses and the ICR

‘Little lies’ have big consequences. Tell the truth. False statements can't be retracted.

Lost and found glasses and the ICR

Helen* went to the local branch of her insurer and asked if her contents policy covered her for replacement glasses as hers were worn and scratched. The insurer informed Helen that the policy would only replace glasses if they were lost or damaged suddenly – it didn’t cover wear and tear. Helen went home and contacted her insurer to make a claim for lost glasses. When the insurer investigated, Helen admitted the glasses were simply scratched and worn, and she just said they were lost to get insurance cover. All of her policies were subsequently cancelled, and details of her claim are now on the Insurance Claims Register (ICR). Helen accepted she’d made a fraudulent claim, but asked for her name to be removed from the ICR as it can affect your future insurance prospects. However, when she made the claim, she consented to it being registered on the ICR and it could not be removed.

Complaint not upheld.

*Names have been changed.

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