Missing ruby in wedding ring, no cover

Check your policy exclusions. Check your jewellery for wear and tear.

No cover for missing ruby

When Sophia* discovered her wedding ring was missing a ruby, she made a claim to get it fixed. The claim was declined, as the policy included a general exclusion for losses caused by wear and tear. Sophia said that the ring had caught on something, which had dislodged the ruby. She provided an independent report to show the ring was otherwise in good condition.
The insurer provided a separate independent report that stated as Sophia had worn the ring every day for 42 years, the claws had worn out, which caused the ruby to fall out.
The IFSO Scheme reviewed both reports and found, on balance, that the worn nature of the claws contributed to the ruby’s loss. The ring had not been checked over 42 years.

Complaint not upheld.

*Names have been changed.

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