Son crashes car, no cover

Check your policy for exclusions. Insurers must act with reasonable care and skill.

Son crashes car, no cover

Two weeks after Cora* arranged insurance for her car, her son Ari* crashed it. Cora’s claim was declined because the policy specifically excluded Ari as a driver. But Cora said the insurer’s rep confirmed that Ari could drive the car and would be covered. Cora didn’t receive the policy wording until after the accident, because it was posted to her old address.

After listening to phone recordings, the case manager concluded the insurer’s rep did not act with reasonable care and skill when arranging Cora’s policy. Cora was incorrectly assured Ari was covered to drive the car, and the rep failed to record Cora’s new address details. Later conversations did not provide clarity about cover for Ari. Following discussions with the case manager, the insurer confirmed it would pay the claim.

Complaint settled

*Names have been changed

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