Storm in a tea shop, the unattainable police report

A police report is required to prove your loss. Some policies contain an exception when this isn't reasonably practicable.

Storm in a tea shop, the unattainable police report

Ari’s* backpack (containing a phone, laptop, camera and cash) was stolen at a tea shop on his last day in Nepal. He went straight to the nearest police office but was told they wouldn’t provide a report until he’d put an ad in the local paper. Ari paid a local to place the ad, which took two weeks. He was unable to follow this up, as he had already returned home.

Back home, Ari’s claim was declined by his insurer as Ari’s policy required a police report to demonstrate proof of loss and he didn't have a police report.

The IFSO Scheme considered the exception in Ari's policy, where getting a report was “not reasonably practicable”. Ari did provide the newspaper ad as evidence, which proved Ari did his best to obtain a police report. In this case, the exception applied.

Check what your policy requires to show proof of loss and always try your best to meet the requirements.

Complaint upheld.

*Names have been changed.

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