The great train station robbery

Check your policy exclusions before you depart. Don’t ever leave your bags unattended in public places.

The great train station robbery

During his trip to Europe, en route to Milan, Raj* stopped at the train station in Zurich, Switzerland. He left his designer bag (containing about $13,000 worth of clothes, accessories and electronics) on the pavement outside the station and walked 6-7 meters to throw his rubbish into a bin.

Raj said he'd only had his back turned for a few seconds, but during that time someone stole his designer bag.

Raj's claim for the bag and its contents was declined, because leaving bags “unattended in a public place” was excluded under the policy. The exclusion applies, even it if was only for a matter of minutes.

As Raj had lost sight of his bag, even just for a short time, he didn’t have control over it and therefore couldn’t make a claim.

When travelling, especially in public places, it always pays to keep your bags and personal belongings with you.

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