The missing bag and the rotting meat

Check your policy exclusions. Don’t pack perishables in your checked luggage.

The missing bag and the rotting meat

Amelia’s* trip to the USA went awry when her bag went awol. She didn't get her bag back until she returned home to Zealand.

In the bag was vacuum packed chilled meat - a gift for Amelia’s friend in the USA. The bag was sent back to New Zealand and inspected by Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries staff who found “rotting” meat, which had contaminated the bag’s contents. When Amelia returned home, she was forced to destroy the contents of her bag after it had been so badly contaminated from the smell and liquid in the rotten meat.

Amelia made a claim for the loss, which was declined. The damage was caused by “leakage” of fluid from the rotting meat, which had been left in the sun, which was excluded under the policy. The insurer said it did not matter what caused the leak, but it did not cover any loss that resulted from it.

While Amelia didn’t expect to lose her luggage, it’s important to plan for the worst-case scenario and think about what you pack in your bag!

Complaint not upheld.

*Names have been changed.

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