Complaint resolution course proving popular

A Complaint Response and Management course, launched just under a year ago by Te Kunenga ki Pūrehuroa Massey University’s Financial Education and Research (Fin-Ed) Centre and the IFSO Scheme, has reached 100 enrolments.

Media release 19 February 2024

Director of the Fin-Ed Centre, Dr Pushpa Wood, says it’s been great to see a strong uptake for the course, and to see it appeal to those in both consumer-facing and management roles.

The course provides formal training in complaint response for providers of insurance and financial services, and uses case studies and complaint resources from the IFSO Scheme.

"It was a strategic decision for the FinEd Centre to partner with the IFSO Scheme to ensure that as an education institute we are working with the industry sector to meet the needs of its members,” says Wood. She says that feedback from course participants has been very positive and encouraging.

Grant Sanders, Head of Claims at Southern Cross Pet Insurance, is among those who have completed the course, which consists of 50 hours of self-paced online learning.

“The material was really relevant to my work, which meant that I found it interesting and motivating. The videos and course materials were full of practical examples and useful tips,” he says.

Tania Gilchrist from DecisionMakers in Tauranga, says the course has given her new techniques and approaches to use in her work.

“I had a complaint since finishing the course and applied the dialogic conversation approach, discovering the underlying reason behind their stress and upset. Thanks to the course techniques I’m feeling much more confident in what I am doing now,” she says.

Another graduate of the course, Mary Abraham, Chief Operating Officer for The New India Assurance Co. Ltd, says the course has been very useful for her role.

“It gave me a lot of insight into customer dispute resolution, which is very important for any insurance company,” she says.

“I loved the manner in which the course was designed and presented, and what I enjoyed most were the case studies, which were eye openers,” says Abraham.

Andrew Gunn, Strategic Partnerships Manager at the IFSO Scheme, says the course has been popular because people are gaining confidence in their complaint handling techniques by investing some time in themselves.

“Better complaint skills are getting positive outcomes, not only for the customers, but the staff involved. The video learning in the short course modules are very practical and can be applied straight away in your work,” he says.

The 100 enrolled come from across all financial service sectors; 10% each from finance companies, superannuation schemes and travel insurers, 15% from financial advice providers, 25% from health & life insurers and 30% from general insurers.

Massey University is offering a special leap year price of $490+GST until 29 February 2024. Find out more about the course and enrol here.


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