Insurance industry takes advice from international expert on improving customer interaction

18 February 2015

Leading international psychiatrist Dr Grant Lester is today advising Canterbury insurers on how to manage difficult situations for the benefit of all customers.

The Insurance & Savings Ombudsman Scheme is hosting Dr Lester’s workshop, as part of a business improvement series to mark the ISO Scheme’s 20th year as a dispute resolution scheme.

“The insurance industry has faced enormous pressure and change over the past few years,” says Insurance & Savings Ombudsman Karen Stevens. “Despite complexities and delays, real progress has been made in Canterbury.”

“But the continuing challenge is to manage all claims and balance customer needs to provide effective outcomes for all customers.

“Canterbury has been a steep learning curve for the industry,” says Karen. “One thing insurers can do is better prepare for such pressure from a customer service perspective.”

Dr Lester is extremely well qualified to talk about how best to manage disputes, disagreements, and customer interaction. He also advises on specific responses required for more vulnerable customers.

His workshops and seminars benefit those involved in customer relationship management, claims, complaints, or customer service.

Dr Grant Lester, Forensicare Victoria

Dr Lester is a member of the Victorian Mental Health Tribunal, and a consultant forensic psychiatrist with the Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health. He has extensive clinical experience as a consultant psychiatrist for the acute psychiatric admission unit of Thomas Embling, Victoria’s high security forensic psychiatric hospital. He was the director of the Victorian Advanced Training Program in Forensic Psychiatry. Dr Lester has spent years treating and researching complainants/litigants, working with Victoria’s Ombudsman Office and complaints organisations. Dr Lester gives regular presentations and workshops.