Massey University Short Course in Complaint Response and Management (International Registrations)

Massey University is taking international registrations for this short course

Massey University New Zealand is now taking international enrolments for this short course

Overseas students are very welcome! This qualification provides highly relevant training for those in financial services and support services around the globe, who have to oversee, manage, or respond to consumer complaints and expressions of dissatisfaction.

The IFSO Scheme has collaborated with Massey University New Zealand to curate case study and complaint resources into an accessible micro-credit.

Consider enrolling yourself or your team members in this Massey University short course. The key features of this training are:

  • Join anytime online - Massey allows up to 6 months to complete at your own pace.
  • it's a 5-credit Massey University micro-credential, with a University Certificate of Completion.
  • online learning is suitable for busy complaint, claim, compliance and advice teams and leaders.
  • you learn technical and soft skills for difficult conversations with your customers and clients in vulnerable circumstances.
  • there are four core modules to develop skills in complaint response and management.
  • there are five tailored electives for compliance, Financial Advisers, General Insurance, Personal Risk Insurance and Lending teams.
  • the case studies are specific to complaint cases in Health & Life Insurance, General Insurance, Financial Advice and Lending.
  • gain a verified record of 50 hours Continuing Professional Development (CPD hours)
  • demonstrate team competence in customer care and conduct standards required under professional codes of conduct and fair conduct programmes.

In the words of Tanya, a New Zealand Financial Adviser, who has now completed the course:

“I had a complaint since finishing the Massey short course in Complaint Response and Management and applied the dialogic conversation approach, discovering the underlying reason behind their stress and upset. Thanks to the course techniques I’m feeling much more confident in what I am doing now.” Tanya Gilchrist CFPCM DecisionMakers Tauranga, New Zealand.

For enquiries about the course, please contact Dr Pushpa Wood, Director NZ Fin-Ed Centre, Massey University on +64 21 755 813 or Andrew Gunn on +64 21 68 43 55


Dr Pushpa Wood ONZM, Director NZ Fin-Ed Centre, Massey University New Zealand

Andrew Gunn, Strategic Partnerships Manager, Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme.

Question: The duration for this short course says six months. Is this the timeframe needed to complete all modules and both elective, or is this just an estimated timeframe the course should take?

Answer: 6 months is the timeframe we expect people to set aside to complete the course. It is a total of 50 hours of learning.

Question: Is there a set timeframe for each individual module, or can we just work our way through the on-line content at our own pace?

Answer: You can complete the four modules and two electives at your own pace - the number of videos in each varies and some material may already be familiar to you, so that particular module may take less time to complete.

Question: Can we chose what module to start from, or is there an order?

Answer: You need to start at module 1. When you successfully complete the module assessment, the next module gets unlocked so your learning is in sequence. The electives can only be started after module 4 has been successfully completed.

Question: Do we have to pay New Zealand Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 15%

Answer: No, New Zealand Goods and Services Tax (GST) is zero rated if the international students are enrolled in online distance learning and do not come to New Zealand for the purpose of the course being provided.

To be eligible for the Massey University Certificate of Completion for this 5 credit short course, the student must successfully complete the four Core Modules, two Electives, reflective journal and case study, and meet all the assessment requirements, as advertised by Massey University.

Core Modules Structure Estimated Hours Learning Core Module Description Core Module are suitable for
Core Modules

(all core modules are mandatory)
Complaint Response Module 1 8 hours Early complaint resolution and three-step process All roles in financial services, both consumer facing and management roles and, those seeking a career in financial services.

e.g. roles such as Financial Adviser, Lending, Insurer and compliance & risk roles, Culture and Conduct teams, claims teams, risk teams and lending officers.
Module 2 10 hours Conversation skills for complaint resolution
Module 3 10 hours Conversations with customers in vulnerable circumstances
Complaint Management Module 4 10 hours Recording keeping, complaint review, trends and insights, confidentiality and complaint remediation, dishonesty, false statements and fraud
Core Learning Hours 38 hours
Plus TWO Electives (see below) 12 hours Electives as selected (see below)
Total Course Learning Hours 50 hours
  • There are 4 core modules in the Massey University short course in Complaint Response and Management.
  • Each module has multi-choice questions to be successfully completed before progressing to the next module.
  • After completing the four Core Modules below, TWO course electives can be selected to achieve the qualification.

Electives Structure Estimated Hours Learning Elective Module Description Suitable for
Elective Modules

(TWO required)
Complaint compliance Elective 1 6 hours How to build a best-practice
complaint process
Compliance, risk, claims and management personnel - all financial service sectors
Complaint Issues -

specific to financial services sectors
Elective 2 6 hours Complaints issues and Advisers, the professional code for Advisers, disclosures regarding your Dispute Resolution Scheme. Financial Advisers engaged by financial service providers, compliance and claims teams
Elective 3 6 hours Complaint issues in General Insurance General Insurance Financial Advisers, compliance and claims teams in General Insurance
Elective 4 6 hours Complaint issues in Health & Life Insurance Personal Risk Financial Advisers, compliance and claims teams in Personal Insurance
Elective 5 6 hours Complaint issues in Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance. Finance officers and employees in consumer credit and lending
  • TWO electives must be successfully completed to achieve the short course qualification.
  • There are 5 elective choices in the Massey University short course in Complaint Response and Management, as detailed above.

To register your team's interest, please email Dr Pushpa Wood, Director NZ Fin-Ed Centre, Massey University on +64 21 755 813

Massey University of New Zealand, with content from the Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme (IFSO Scheme), provide a practical, level 5, short course for roles financial services sector globally looking to evidence their commitment to better customer outcomes in Complaint Response and Management.

This specialised short course will assist those building technical and soft skills in their current role in financial services, and those seeking to further their career in the sector, such as, support staff and students in financial services.

This will also assist meeting your obligations under the professional codes of conduct and fair conduct programmes.

Purpose of the parties

The parties are collaborating to build a relevant training tool for those in financial services and, those aspiring to join this sector, by providing a short course in; complaint response and management; complaint process design and best practice; skills to handle complainants; handling common complaint issues in the financial services sectors of insurance, credit and financial advice.

Microcredit Qualification

This is a short course, or micro-credential, of 5 credits is delivered, assessed and moderated by Massey University under their education terms and conditions. Massey University provides tertiary learning outside the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) framework. This microcredit short course provides learning and assessment equivalent to stage 1 university learning and NZQA level 5 vocational training. The five (5) microcredits attached to the course can be applied against approved Massey University degree/diploma/certificate courses.

Certificate of Completion

To be eligible for the Massey University Certificate of Completion for this 5 credit short course, the student must successfully complete the four Core Modules, two Electives, reflective journal and case study, and meet all the assessment requirements, as advertised by Massey University.

Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD hours) will be awarded for each Core Module and Elective. The assessed learning hours for the full course is a total of 50 CPD hours if; relevant to your role in financial services and, a goal of your annual Professional Development Plan. A record of CPD will be available for completed modules and electives.

Participating parties

Massey University operates the NZ Financial Education and Research (Fin-Ed) Centre, which works to help people become more financially astute by improving their knowledge, attitudes, and behaviour towards money. Massey, through the Centre, undertakes research, education and consultancy activities relating to financial management.

Massey University is responsible for the course learning platform, course moderation, assessment development, student correspondence, international student pastoral care and complaints, coursework integrity, course pricing, invoicing and marketing, course registration and issuing of qualification records. Both Massey University and IFSO Scheme logos will appear on the issued Certificate of Completion.

The IFSO Scheme is an Incorporated Society that provides a free, independent, and fair dispute resolution service to the customers of Financial Service Providers that are Participants of the IFSO Scheme under the FSP (Registration and Dispute Resolution) Act 2008 (New Zealand). The IFSO Scheme contributes the short course content, resources, assessment questions and case studies.

Intellectual Property

By agreement, the IFSO Scheme retains the resource ownership of the learner resources for each module and elective, provided to Massey University for their microcredit short course.


The award of the Certificate of Completion requires successful completion of three assessment tasks. These tasks will provide you with an opportunity to put your learning into practice by using the skills you have developed throughout the course. You must complete these tasks to qualify for the microcredit:

  • Part 1: Quizzes (50%)

Each module contains a quiz comprising approximately 15-25 multi-choice and True/False questions. You are allowed 2 attempts at each question (except True/False questions). Please note that you will lose 25% of the marks for that question if you make two attempts (you will get full marks if you make only one attempt and get it right). You must complete the quiz and score at least 50% to unlock the next module. All four of the core module quizzes must be completed and passed in order to unlock the elective modules.

  • Part 2: Reflective Journal (25%)

A reflective journal helps you to learn and make sense of your learning. The main focus of the journal should be what you have learnt from the course and your thoughts on your learning e.g. revelations to you, whether you thought the concepts were easy or difficult to understand or whether you thought a topic would be useful to your colleagues or clients, etc.

Links to a journal template and an example of a reflective journal are available in the Resources section near the end of the course. Maintain your reflective journal throughout this course and submit it at the end of the course.

  • Part 3: Case study (25%)

Chose from ONE of four case studies (general insurance, risk, advice and lending) and provide the answers to the 9 questions, applying the complaint response and management learning that you have gained from this course. A submission link is provided. Students that fail to meet the standard for the case study will be required to resubmit a case study.

Academic Integrity

All student are expected to align with Massey's values of academic integrity, which will help you meet Massey University's standards of honest, careful, ethical and responsible academic work. For further information, access the Academic Integrity Student guide here.

Course Completion

This 5-microcredit is offered as a complete short course. Those enrolled may elect to only complete some of the core modules or, elect not to complete the two required electives however, no discounts are offered students who do not wish to complete the short course. Refunds as subject to the Massey University policy and the IFSO Scheme is not a party to these decisions.