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Coronavirus: spike in calls to the IFSO Scheme

People should check with their insurers and airlines before making, changing or cancelling their travel plans, insurance and financial services ombudsman Karen Stevens has warned.

Story from Stuff: 7 March, 2020

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Contact your airline, agent and insurer before changing travel plans

As COVID-19 (coronavirus) causes flight cancellations and travel bans, IFSO Karen Stevens urges Kiwis to consult their airline, travel agent, and insurer before they change their travel plans.

Story from Insurance Business NZ: 10 March, 2020

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Financial Adviser, Relationship Scam

A complaint against a financial adviser who facilitated withdrawals for a client caught by a relationship scammer has not been upheld by the IFSO Scheme.

Story from Good Returns: 9 March, 2020

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Coronavirus: travelling overseas?

Check: and check with your travel insurer, airline and/or travel agent to ask about your cover, and your options, if things change. For health and prevention guidance, see:

Story from Newshub/NZ Herald: 2 March, 2020

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Advisers educating clients can help prevent complaints

Misunderstanding is the cause of many complaints. Insurance Broker Kirstin Bridges believes its up to advisers and the industry to make it right.

Story from Insurance Business Online: 26 February, 2020

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Winter is coming, chimneys need sweeping

Chimneys should be checked and swept regularly - dirty chimneys can start house fires.

Story from Stuff: 24 February, 2020

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Strange pet insurance claims

We can't predict pet hazards. From swimming pools to pin cushions to fishing lines, 10 strange pet insurance claims revealed.

Story from Newshub: 19 February, 2020

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Contents insurance not much 'stuff'?

Why it could be worth having contents insurance even if you don't own much.

Story from Stuff: 10 February, 2020

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How to avoid insurance hiccups

As we head away on holiday, Susan Edmunds takes us through some common mistakes, from IFSO Scheme complaints, and tips for a smooth insurance claim.

Story from Stuff: 28 December, 2019

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Government insurance shake-up

Proposed changes resulting from the insurance contract law review will place the onus on insurers to ask the right questions, rather than consumers to know what to disclose.

Story from NZ Herald: 4 December, 2019

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Why complaints are gold dust

Nobody likes to be on the receiving end of a complaint. But Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Karen Stevens encourages the industry to regard complaints as a learning opportunity.

Story from Insurance Business Online: 23 November, 2019

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Risk Insurance complaints

If the industry is serious about changing conduct and culture for better customer outcomes, complaints are a good place to start.

Story from Adviser Focus, 21 November, 2019

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